Batsirai Ngoshi School Fees

Honours Degree in Urban Planning and Development student
Honours Degree in Urban Planning and Development student

In 2008 the principal of Nyachuru Secondary School in Chiweshe, Zimbabwe was looking for a donor to pay school fees for Batsirai. Both his parents had died and he was being raised by his grandparents, who are subsistence farmers and could not afford his school fees. Funds were raised in Canada so that he could stay in school. He successfully completed his O Level exams in 2010. He had excellent results and was accepted by Howard Secondary School for his A level studies. Once again funds were raised in Canada for his final two years of school which he successfully completed in 2012. Then we lost touch. A few months ago he found ZimKids’ board member, Fran Fearnley on Facebook and contacted her to see if she could find help in Canada for his university tuition.

The ZimKids board agreed to support Batsirai’s request for his tuition fee and accommodation costs for his fall 2016 semester. We are currently looking for donations to continue the support of Batsirai’s university eductation.

This is Batsirai’s situation, in his own words.

I am studying at Great Zimbabwe University, a state university which is located Masvingo Province. I started my studies in August 2015. Currently I am in the second semester of my first year. One semester consists of four months and we have two semesters in a year.

I am staying at the school campus.

I am studying for an Honours Degree in Urban Planning and Development which is a four-year course of study. I have three years left to complete my degree. My third year will be a year of work related attachment, then, in the fourth year I will be back on campus to complete my studies.

The tuition fees per semester are $650 USD.

Accommodation on school campus is offered on a first come first served basis after paying full fees. The current cost is $200 USD per semester excluding food.

Students can only pay for accommodation at the main campus after confirming availability.

Last year my cousin decided to help me after discovering my potential. He was able to help me with tuition fees and accommodation for this academic year. On my last vacation I went to South Africa where he is living and worked there as a general cleaner in Kempton Park, so that we can help one another in raising the funds for the fees and accommodation. It was not safe for me though because I faced some challenges in terms of social life. I was afraid of xenophobic attacks.

My cousin is not able to help me going forward which is why I am looking for assistance.

After graduation I want to apply for work with city councils and to keep upgrading my education while I work. My aim is to have enough resources to look after my guardians who are my grandfather and my grandmother. I would also like to help some other people who have faced the same problem I have of losing both parents at a tender age.

My home is with my grandfather and my grandmother in the rural areas of Chiweshe. I’m also receiving some help in terms of food and other supplements from my late mother’s cousin though she has a lot of family responsibilities.

We are being sustained with subsistence farming.

I am aiming to improve the quality of my results as far as my studies are concerned.  I am pleased to inform you that I am working hard so as to improve my results. I believe and I know that I can do better once I have financial help with my tuition because mentally I will be stable.

I’m looking forward to continue receiving positive responses from you. Thank you for being considerate.

Yours faithfully

Jameson Batsirai Ngoshi

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